• College student discusses unfair scheduling policiesI worked at Wal-Mart for a little more than 3 months. I am a full time college student and was told that school would always come first and to come talk to personnel if there were any problems… | Read More
  • Wrong For Employees, But Not Management, To Have Hours CutIt is wrong for employees to cut their hours and not management. | Read More
  • Bring Back A True 40 Hour WeekI would like Wal-Mart to give the associates back their hours and not cut hours when they hire more people, some of us only have one income and we do need our 40 hr week… | Read More
  • More Work Experience For Less PayI’ve been working for Wal-Mart for nearly a year. This March will be my anniversary. | Read More
  • Breaking my back just to make ends meet.I was hired as a part time door greeter in 2007.That was fine because I am disabled. In early 2008, my husband was laid off at his decent paying job and got on at Wal-Mart part time. Because of his age and the hours and pay from Wal Mart, he had to take early Social Security. Before, he was getting at least 24 hours, but since October Wal-Mart has constantly cut his hours. This week he got 11 hours. It is hardly worth his time for that, but we need it to pay bills. | Read More
  • 20 Wal-Mart Hours Per Week, And Yet You Can Only Have One JobWal-Mart is only hiring part time employees; there are no full time positions, period, unless you have held onto yours. | Read More
  • Management Cut Cashiers’ Hours Too DeeplyOur store’s customer traffic has slowed down, but even with the economy and the holidays over it is still busy as normal. | Read More
  • Sent From One Manager to Another About Reduced HoursWhen I suffered a repetitive stress injury after 3 years working as Wal-Mart cashier, I was warned not to file a workman’s comp claim, and the store began to set me up to be fired. | Read More
  • Fired For Helping Teenage DaughterI worked for Wal-Mart in Bolingbrook, IL from 1990-2001 and have since left to pursue a new job. | Read More
  • No Word From Higher-Ups For Staying On After ChristmasI was hired as a seasonal employee back in November. We were told we would be employed until at least the middle of January. | Read More
  • Six Bosses To Answer ToI have been working at Wal-Mart for 6 months now. I started as a part-time cart pusher being paid $7/hr. | Read More
  • No Consideration For Birth Of Newborn ChildI have far too many experiences with Wal-Mart to fit into this box, so I’ll just use the most recent wound. While I was 9 months pregnant, I was offered a department manager’s position in the Photo Lab. I know I didn’t have to accept, but it was right before Christmas and I was about to have a new baby, which meant more bills. | Read More
  • Frustrated CSM see hours, breaks cutI am currently an employee for Wal-Mart. I work as a Customer Service Manager for Wal-Mart full-time. They have hired another CSM who is part time which is only a way for this store to cut hours. During the holiday I was working 40 hours but now they have cut my hours down to 33 a week. Not only that but during the last week of Christmas rush I was denied taking a break because it was said that breaks for cashiers had to be given out first. | Read More
  • ‘Giving 100 Percent’ And Getting Fired In ReturnMy husband had worked for Wal-Mart in the Truck Shop as a Tech 3 Mechanic and that was as high as you could go unless you wanted to go up for a supervisor position. | Read More
  • Empty Promises From Wal-Mart’s Personnel OfficeI worked for Wal-Mart and they were one of the worst companies I have ever worked for. I had six years in with them. | Read More
  • Wal-Mart’s advice to employees…don’t get sick!At my store, if an associate gets the flu it can be a coaching eventually leading up to termination. For example, typical flu symptoms last for almost a week. All sick days are unexcused absences and count against you… | Read More
  • Moving Shelves 3 Inches For Incompetent ManagementI was hired to move and assemble displays on the overnight shift as the store was expanded into a supercenter. Every 4 weeks we got a new supervisor with a different management style, so we were constantly adapting to meet their needs. | Read More
  • …its the WALMART WAY!Wal-Mart Management does not care about its employees and the regional office and corporate offices take a blind eye to what happens in its stores. My former store in South Carolina has lost some very good employees because of this treatment. My store has a unwritten rule that if you don’t have an open availability then they will cut your hours to where you can not afford to work. When I was initially hired, I asked for second shift so I could get my children on and off the school bus…. | Read More
  • Anonymous in Pennsylvania discusses pay cut, improper scheduling during the holiday seasonI’m very disappointed with Wal-Mart as an employer. In April 2008, I was hired to work at a supercenter in Pennsylvania at $9.30 per hour. But in August I quit to move to New York for my son’s treatment. In November of that same year, I reapplied and was rehired for the same position, but with a lower pay $8.40 an hour. They didn’t want to give me the credits I got when I was hired in April. At Wal-Mart a new hire get credits for previous retail experience… | Read More
  • The Effects of Wal-Mart’s ‘Family First’ PolicyI worked for Wal-Mart about 15 years ago… part time to supplement our income when my three girls were small. It seemed a perfect fit; [the store] was located close to home and we supported Wal-Mart with much of our shopping (diapers, kids’ clothes, toiletries, etc). When Wal-Mart came to town they paid just slightly better than other retailers and they were sought after by many as an employer. During the holiday rush, one of my girls became ill with a flu that nearly hospitalized her. | Read More
  • Are we starting to see a pattern yet?“I have worked with Wal-Mart for 13 years as a full-time employee and now they won’t give me 40 hours…” | Read More
  • Wal-Mart Continues To Cut Hours“Don’t dare call in sick at Wal-Mart. It counts as an unexcused absence. Accumulate more than four in a whole year and it is considered a write up. I know one person who has a hereditary ailment that she needs to take off work for a day if she has a flare-up of her disease. A manager wrote her up for this condition and told her she needs to have a doctor’s note for every incident.” | Read More
  • Wal-Mart Cuts Hours, Benefits“Our store has cut around 13 people that I know of, and that’s just overnighters. Management says it is to take care of the customer. Tell me: how is that taking care of their customers? They cut so many hours that they have a hard time getting the freight unloaded on time. This just doesn’t make sense.” | Read More
  • “Why do you work overtime when you know that they will not pay you?”“I have posted here a number of times before and I am always amazed that I have new bullets for my anti-Wal-Mart weaponry. No, my store doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to denying overtime pay. Last Saturday a young man at my store worked a double shift…” | Read More
  • Wal-Mart’s quest for a younger, cheaper workforce“I have noticed that my store seems to schedule all the older people for late night duty…specifically the 2-11 shift. Some have successfully battled for early hours, but now we are being told that if we change our availability, we will be knocked back to part-time.” | Read More

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