Wal-Mart Watch unveiled Walmartspeakout.com in October 2008 to provide an unprecedented opportunity for Wal-Mart workers to speak out and share their stories about the impact of Wal-Mart’s low-wage, low-benefit business model on their lives.

These stories expose the truth about Wal-Mart’s poor treatment of the workers who are responsible for the tremendous financial success of Wal-Mart and the Walton family. As Wal-Mart hourly employees’ real wages – and standard of living – have decreased steadily, the Walton family’s wealth has increased to more than $100 billion – making them the wealthiest family in the United States.

The website launch coincides with the third anniversary of the release of the infamous Chambers Memo, in which Wal-Mart Executive Susan Chambers outlined how Wal-Mart would cut down payroll and health care costs at the expense of its older and less healthy employees. The launch also comes in the midst of a presidential election over the struggles of everyday Americans – and Wal-Mart workers are at the heart of that dynamic.

We hope that through the stories, the collective voices of Wal-Mart workers will persuade the Walton family that Wal-Mart should do better for its employees.

In the spring of 2005, Wal-Mart Watch began a nationwide public-education campaign to challenge the world’s largest retailer, Wal-Mart, to become a better employer, neighbor and corporate citizen. Wal-Mart Watch is a joint project of The Center for Community and Corporate Ethics and Five Stones. Visit us at http://walmartwatch.com.


  1. HJ Alessi says

    As a past Walmart employee I have seen it all. I was hired as a door greeter. At times I was told to wash all the windows in and out at the entrances. Even in 12 degree weather when the window cleaner would freeze as soon as it hit the windows. I was also made to use a small hand help vacuum to vacuum the entrance way on numerous occasions. And moping the floor during the rain sleet and snow!!! It was a constant job literally chasing behind customers as they walked in the door. I had to dress in layers in the Winter just to try and stay warm. I constantly missed my breaks because they would “forget” that I didn’t have mine yet. There were times that I was told NOT to punch in or out from my overly late dinner breaks, and to add on a half hour for my missed breaks. The manager would then got into the computer and put it the times that my breaks should have been. And LORD help ME if I had an exemption due to a missed break. “I” was the one to get in trouble for it, even if the manager or CSM knew it was going to happen.
    As soon as I was able to I took out health insurance through Walmart. I also paid for ” accident insurance” as a part time employee I was not able to get disability insurance. When I injured my knee and thought I could use my accident insurance, I was told that the ” accident insurance” only covered AUTO accidents!!! They also discontinued insurance for anyone who worked less than 30 hours. And then they started cutting every bodies hours! As for the hours, I was scheduled for 7 days straight more than once. When I complained I was told that it wasn’t really 7 days straight, because it was broken up into different pay weeks. And don’t get me started about requested days off!!! Unless it was for a Doctors appointment, any day I requested off was denied. Even when the request was for volunteering. I had to work basically every and all holidays! Thanksgiving I was scheduled to work from 2-11 pm. Christmas Eve I worked till 8 pm. THAT was a bonus of sorts.
    I was eventually trained as a cashier with a small raise. At which point my hours got even crazier. I would be scheduled to work till 11 pm, and have to be back in at 7 am the next morning. And they was employees are allowed to come and go off registers using the same cash drawer always concerned me. I had cashier experience long before working at Walmart. I wasn’t worried about my use of a cash drawer. But who was to say how or why a drawer would come up short?
    And we’ve all heard the treatment that pregnant workers get at Walmart! When I started at Walmart there we’re two pregnant young ladies that were hired when they we’re pregnant. One was told that she had to back to work within 2 weeks after having her baby or she would loose her job. She came back and had a post pregnancy issue and missed a couple of days WITH a Doctors note. They fired her for excessive absenteeism. They other young had problems with her pregnancy as was fired as well, claiming excessive absenteeism as well. We we’re all like ” what did they think would happen when you hired pregnant women?”
    My breaking point came after I had knee replacement surgery. I was in the store shopping and the CSM took me aside and told me that since I was out for so long, there was talk that I was going to be put back down as a door greeter. There isn’t enough money in Walmart’s budget to pay me to do that job again, especially having to stand up for 8 hours a shift. Because since my knee injury wasn’t work related, I would not be allowed to have a stool to sit on.
    What really amuses me is that employees that we’re fired while I was working there, have been rehired and they are CSM’s now. In one case one was fired and is now the manager of customer service.
    As much as I despise that store,in most cases when we have to go shopping, Walmart it the one place that we know that we’ll find what we’re looking for. Does the word MONOPOLY ring a bell here?

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